COVID-19 infection prevention measures

Starting from the premise that prevention is more important than treatment, we have created a set of measures for the safety of guests and our employees starting with optimizing communication between management and staff, to pre-define a policy of informing guests, but and to provide and obtain information quickly on incidents that may occur in the accommodation unit and to know the status of the situation at any time.

Reception area

Although the colleagues at the reception are wearing masks, we assure you that they have the same welcome smile they used to have.
The interaction with the reception is done through a plexiglass panel.
Prior to check-in, you are invited to disinfect your hands and shoes.

Access to the hotel is done only with a protective mask

At the reception there is a medical kit containing: disinfectant / wipes with antibacterial effect for cleaning surfaces (wipes), face / eye masks, gloves (disposable), disposable bag for waste.
Keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters.
Please wear a face mask when interacting with hotel staff and in common areas.
The toilets are equipped with disinfectant soap and will be disinfected every 120 minutes.
You will notice that all employees wear a mask during work.
In the accommodation form, you are asked to fill in a statement on your own responsibility that you have no symptoms of cough, cold and that you have not come into contact with people with COVID-19 symptoms.
The traffic flow is achieved with the help of signage.
Access to the elevator will only be allowed to members of the same family.
We recommend using the elevator on the way up and the stairs on the way down.
We disinfect the common areas in the reception area every 120 minutes.
The employees at the reception must record all the relevant incidents they find, and will communicate them in due time to the management of the unit and, if applicable, DSP Brasov. This information will help guests with: appropriate recommendations, facilitating early detection and rapid management of suspected cases, together with local health authorities.

Guest room

Guests will take over the clean and disinfected room.
The laundry is washed at high temperatures in the laundry room.
All surfaces and objects in the room are disinfected.
The remote controls are disinfected daily, the disinfection date being present on the remote control
The cleaning staff will enter the room equipped with a mask, gloves only at your request.

Restaurant Rozmarin

The input and output flow is managed separately.
The service is made on the terrace of the restaurant until the opening of the access inside.
When accessing the dining area, a solution for hand hygiene is provided.
All waiters wear masks and protective gloves.
The distance between the tables is 2m and at the table are allowed to sit only the customers from a room
All tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.
All dining items are washed at a high temperature in the professional dishwasher.

FITNESS Rozmarin

Access to the GYM center is only allowed to guests staying in the hotel.
We supervise the access to the premises so as to ensure a comfort zone of 3 square meters for each user.
All staff wear a protective mask.
Disinfected sheets are used in massage parlors and massage tables are disinfected after each use.
The toilets are equipped with disinfectant soap and will be disinfected every 120 minutes.
After using the replacement cabins, we recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds.


Maintenance maintenance
All team members will wear gloves and face masks. After each intervention the surfaces will be disinfected.